6200 Twister Closing Wheel


Achieve seed trench closure and break up sidewall compaction with the 6200 Twister Closing Wheel. A rounded center-ring design maintains the depth of the twisted spikes and makes it effective in a wide range of soil conditions. The Twister Closing Wheel works in minimum till, conventional, strip-till, vertical tillage, and no-till.

Youngblut AG Twister


  • Weight: 61 lbs. (model example 2940-001A-ST)
  • Length: 17″
  • Wide and narrow models utilize same parts, except for snakehead
Youngblut AG Twister in Action


  • Features twisted poly spikes and rounded center
  • Closes the disc opening in both wet and ideal conditions
  • Ring design maintains wheel depth
  • Available with full wheel assembly or as ring-only insert option for installation of factory wheels
  • Made with ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic material
  • Enhances seed-to-soil contact and helps prevent yield-robbing air pockets
  • Eliminates potential for sidewall compaction
  • 16 teeth per wheel