Terrastar-C is a mid-level accuracy GPS correction that can be subscribed to in a 4 month or 10 month package. This allows you to utilize the service for just the time of the year when it is needed or for a whole growing season. This service has an accuracy of 1.5 inches and is repeatable each time you go to the field. this will eliminate having to worry about shifting a line that you saved and inaccuracies in boundaries. This is recommended for any operation that needs a higher accuracy signal such as planting, side dressing, strip tilling, etc.


OmniStar is a very similar mid-level accuracy service to Terrastar-D. It is available on Ag Leader products and comes in a few different accuracy levels.

Omnistar XP is 3-5 Inch Accuracy and is available on Ag Leader Legacy recievers

OmniStar HP is 2-4 Inch Accuracy and is available on Ag Leader Legacy recievers

OmniStar also offers a 4 month and 12 Month subscription package.


Cellular RTK

RTK is a sub-inch accuracy solution for all of your operations needs. RTK is repeatable day to day, year to year and always right on. RTK can be achieved in a couple of different ways. The first is to purchase a RTK Base Station which is a stand along GPS receiver that is surveyed in to a set location and transmits the distance from it’s location to the receiver on your equipment. This communication is done with a radio and will reach a 6 mile radius from the base station.For more information on a RTK Base take a look at our 6500 Base Stations under Ag Leader products.

If you are trying to reach further than that then the base station can either be set up in different locations to make is useable each time you go to that field or you can use a RTK by Cell option.

Radio RTK

A second option to utilize RTK accuracy is to use cellular communication to transmit the RTK informationto the equipment in the field. This eliminates the need to purchase a costly RTK Base Station that could be outdated in the future. This solution also allows you to cover a large area that is not limited to a 6 mile radius of your base station as the VBN network covers the entire state of IA and some of the surrounding states. The cost for this solution is a yearly subscription cost of $750 plus $450 for a cellular data plan. This can be very cost effective at a total cost of $1200 per year when other solutions are higher priced and a base station purchase price is around $8000.

DigiFarm VBN also works with a variety of systems on the market including, Ag Leader, John Deere, TopCon and more! Ask us how we can upgrade you to RTK from DigiFarm today!

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