Pete grew up on a row crop farm between Dysart and La Porte City, Iowa. He can’t remember a time as a kid when he wasn’t in a tractor or truck with one of his parents.


Once Pete graduated high school he took off for college and after some looking, decided to major in Ag Business management from Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa. There he learned about all of the different sides of agriculture and found a fit in precision ag. From HCC he moved on to a Software Support Specialist position with Ag Leader Technology in Ames, IA. He worked there for five years answering customer support calls as well as traveling the United States and Canada teaching customers and dealers about SMS desktop software and how it worked together with all of the different precision ag systems on the market. Pete then began to look for opportunities that would get him closer to the family farming operation and closer to his family and friends back home in Dysart. Currently, Pete lives in Dysart, close to the business with his daughter Kennedy.


After talking with family, Pete opened Youngblut Ag in January of 2013. Primarily opperating out of a home office and installing systems out of the back of his truck, he was able to stay on the move and keep up with customers needs.


With the background on the farm and in data management, Youngblut Ag continues to strive to provide the customer with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision about what products will work best on their operation as well as how to utilize the information that they record throughout each growing season. Now, 6 years in Youngblut Ag has grown to be one of the top dealers in the state of Iowa and is excited to start construction of a new building on the edge of Dysart soon which will help us continue to provide the best service to our customers.