Truesight Sprayer Guidance

Truesight® 2 for self-propelled sprayers is a late season row guidance option for sprayers. Current availability is limited through Headsight’s application-based beta test program.

Tested models:

  • Case Patriot
  • John Deere 20/30/R Series
  • Hagie STS
  • Additional models available upon request
Youngblut AG Sprayer Guidance Header

Header Height Control for Corn from Headsight

Benefits & Solutions

  • Increases yield
  • Reduces down time
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Provides automatic height and tilt control for corn headers
  • Includes 3-year parts warranty on sensors
  • Installs easily
  • All sensors independently control height

See why the HEADSIGHT patented design gives you the best header height control on the market.

Youngblut AG NorthStar

Header Height Sensors

Youngblut AG Terrahawk Sensor
Youngblut AG Corn Sensor

Terrahawk - Radar Height Sensor

Headsight is pleased to announce Terrahawk, a non-contact radar height sensor for headers. Terrahawk interfaces with Headsight’s Horizon® controller to provide industry-leading in-field performance.

Poly Arm Height Sensor

Headsight’s patented Flexible Poly Arm design allows the sensing arm to absorb the abuse of the field and fully contact the ground – even at higher operating speeds.


Youngblut AG Horizon Corn
Youngblut AG Insight Headsight

Horizon Controller

Horizon provides superior header height performance and integrates header functions/features to the in-cab interface.

Insight Controller

Insight surpasses OEM header height performance by adding features and advanced settings with an interface controller mounted at the back of the head.

Tilt Kit for MacDon Heads

  • Adds automatic lateral tilt to:
    • MacDon FD75, FD70 and 974
    • Case/IH 2162 and 2062
    • New Holland 84C
  • Improves performance on hillsides, terraces, rolling ground, and other challenging terrain.
  • Allows feederhouse lateral tilt to automatically follow head through changes in terrain.
Youngblut AG MacDon Tilt Kit