6200 Paddle Closing Wheel


Achieve uniform emergence and break up sidewall compaction with the 6200-004 Paddle Closing Wheel. This unit is designed to fully close the seed trench and provide a smooth finish, even in challenging soil conditions. The Paddle Closing Wheel works in wide range of tillage practices: minimum till, conventional, strip-till, vertical tillage, and no-till.

Youngblut AG Yetter Plow


  • Wheel diameter: 13 1/4″
  • Weight: 28.08 lbs. per set


  • Fractures sidewall as paddles enter and exit soil
  • Ensures full seed-to-soil contact, preventing yield-robbing air pockets
  • Creates uniform seed trench across entire seed zone
  • Helps warm soil to speed up emergence
  • Designed to run two per row
  • 14 paddles per wheel