Sentinel Liquid Row Monitor

Youngblut AG Sentinel Liquid Row Monitor

SureFire introduced the Sentinel™ Liquid Row Monitor in 2015 to bring liquid row monitoring into your existing in-cab display. In 2016, the Sentinel™ ISOBUS had a successful launch. Since that time, we have gained valuable information and feedback that will allow us to bring new and intuitive software enhancements this season with more coming in the near future.

Youngblut AG Sentinel ISO

Row-To-Row Accuracy that is Second-to-None

During Planting 2018, SureFire studied the row-to-row accuracy of LiquiShift combined with Metering Tube, planting 3000 acres of Irrigated and Dry Land corn with a 24 Row, 30″ planter. As our lab and engineering tests have shown previously, the accuracy is second-to-none. The farmer’s prescription applied from 10 to 40 GPA. SureFire analyzed over 50,000 data points logged from the Sentinel™ Liquid Row Monitor showing that the Row-to-Row CV (Coefficient of Variance) is less than 4.6% over 95% of the time. The average CV is just 3.9%.

Youngblut AG Sentinel
Youngblut AG SureFire Sentinel Flow Meter Single Module