Catalyst Micro Volume Application System

Youngblut AG Catalyst

The SureFire Catalyst Micro Volume Application System is designed to give accurate and even row-to-row distribution of liquid products with a flow range between 10 oz./min. and 300 oz./min. The Catalyst can easily be customized to fit a wide variety of implements.

Youngblut AG System on Hitch

Tank Options

The SureFire Catalyst offers two different tank sizes of 55 gallons and 110 gallons. Those sizes are both available in white or yellow tanks. To go along with the main product tank, the system comes with a 3-gallon rinse tank. This 3-gallon tank has two main purposes. First, it allows for an easy flush of the system to clean any product out left in the lines. Second, this tank can be filled with RV antifreeze and pumped through the lines for easy winterization.

SureFire Tower 100

SureFire adapted the highly successful Tower 110 that has been putting product down in the furrow accurately for years into the NEW SureFire Tower 100. The foundation of the Tower 100 is a new electromagnetic flow meter that allows us to measure fluids down to 10 oz./min. With the SureFire Electromagnetic flow meter, there are no moving parts, so there is no need to take apart the meter and clean a small turbine. The high resolution of the SureFire EMag flow meter delivers extreme accuracy at these low flow rates. When you pair the EMag flow meter with a high quality electric pump, customers will get accurate and consistent flow.

Plumbing & Distribution

The SureFire Catalyst system comes standard with both flow indicators and dual metering tube. The flow indicators give you that visual peace of mind that you are getting flow to each row. The dual metering tube is going to give the industry’s best row-to-row accuracy and range. With such a micro volume of flow going to each row, it would be nearly impossible to use a traditional disc orifice. This micro plumbing & distribution system has the ability to put down less than 1 oz./min. on each row with 2-3% row-to-row variation. The metering tube will have a 10-75% greater flow range over the same pressure when compared to an orifice. By having two tubes to each row, it gives the system the ability to handle a wide variation of rates and speeds while dealing with varying temperatures during application times. Product can be set to flow through either tube depending on product viscosity. Depending on the width of your implement and speed of operation, systems can be configured to have one or two section valves.

Application Rate Changes from Field to Field

The SureFire Catalyst has the ability to be controlled by all major ag platforms. Why add another controller to the cab when we can simply use the controller you own? SureFire can work with you and your Technology platform provider to make sure that you have what you need. Your local Technology dealer will provide the correct module and SureFire will plug into it. SureFire will provide the correct harness depending on which platform you have. SureFire Electronics computer tests and certifies ALL harnesses they manufacture for SureFire Ag. You will receive a high quality braided harness that will hold up better in the difficult ag environment.