Adjusting your liquid or granular product rates should be simple. With Precision Planting's RateController, you can easily adjust applied rates and compensate for speed changes on the go.

Variable rate control of granular? Yes.
Variable rate control of liquid? Yes.

Precision Planting’s RateController is a critical component of any section or row-by-row vApplyHD system, but its value goes beyond that application. This rate controller adds more options to how you can use your 20|20 system by acting as a stand-alone rate controller for liquid or granular fertilizer application control.

For many operations, planter-wide or large section control of liquid fertilizer using hydraulic motors makes a lot of sense. Using the Precision Planting RateController, you can add variable rate application to your liquid fertilizer system through using the simple to use 20|20 display.

Growers applying granular fertilizer on their planter can also take advantage of the simplicity of the 20|20 system’s variable rate control using the Precision Planting RateController to control their hydraulic motor-powered granular system.

Increase the value of your 20|20 by taking control of your planter-wide fertility system and see how variable rate application can help you take the next step in higher yield potential with the Precision Planting RateController.