GEN II Fertilizer System - 2218

The latest and most versatile of the Montag dry fertilizer metering systems is Generation Two (GEN II). It was developed in response to customer inputs but maintains most all of the features of the Montag Generation I metering system which has made Montag the standard of the dry fertilizer banding industry. With its ability to add rows and configure drives you can now easily invest in a metering platform that can be adapted to your operation as it changes and evolves for years to come.


  • High quality injection molded HDPE plastic augers
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Trough and Poly Tank Construction
  • Single Hydraulic Input requirement
  • PWM Hydraulic Block Standard
  • Sealed Tank
  • ISOBUS Rate Controller
  • ISOBUS Scale
  • Tank Ladder Access
  • Improved Montag Fluid Bed – GEN II Air Delivery System
  • Components are corrosion resistant
  • Up to 4 section configurations
  • Configurable Rows
  • Two 4.5-ton (US) tanks with a built-in walk way
  • Screens are positioned with a 7-degree angle to help fully fill the tan


Configurable Rows

  • Rows can be added and subtracted to fit your farming operation’s needs.

Up to 4 section configurations

  • Sections can be added to the GEN II system at any time – giving you added flexibility.
  • Sections are controlled with hydraulic motors and PWM valves for infield reliability.

Tank Colors

  • Tank colors available in Gray, Yellow and White.

Screen Size

  • Available in ½” or ¾” screen to size product so as to reduce blockage in either the auger or the injection tube (behind the knife on the toolbar).
  • Screens are constructed completely out of stainless steel.
  • 2018 GEN II’s and newer will include a full set of (2) ½” screens and (4) ¾” screens.

Rear Deck & Ladder

  • The rear deck can be configured for the ladder to be mounted for a left or a right-hand entrance.
  • Additionally, ladder can be ordered with a rear access.

Light Kits

J. Assy Fertilizer Sensor