GEN II Fertilizer System - 2208

The 2208 is the latest product offering in the GEN II family. Like the larger 2218, the 2208 is a very feature rich metering system, capable of being used for cover crops, fertilizer application or a combination of the two. Available in either 60 or 100 cubic foot tank capacity the metering system can apply up to 800 lbs. to the acre at 5 mph. while being gentle enough to safely meter cover crop seed.


  • High quality injection molded HDPE plastic augers
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Trough and Poly Tank Construction
  • Single Hydraulic Input requirement
  • The 2208 has two options for PWM Hydraulic Block, a Single or a Dual product.
  • Sealed Tank
  • Tank Ladder Access
  • Improved Montag Fluid Bed – 2208 Air Delivery System
  • Components are corrosion resistant
  • Up to 4 section configurations
  • Configurable Rows
  • Functional yet streamlined design
  • Screens are integrated into the tank to removes large materials
  • Outlets can be turned to blow either forward or backwards


Configurable Rows

  • Rows can be added and subtracted to fit your farming operation’s needs.

Up to 4 section configurations

  • Sections can be added to the 2208 system at any time – giving you added flexibility.
  • Sections are controlled with hydraulic motors and PWM valves for infield reliability.

Tank Colors

  • Tank colors available in Gray, Yellow and White.

Tank Size

The 2208 comes with two optional sizes:

  • 60 cubic feet (2- 30 cuft tanks)
  • 100 cubic feet (2- 50 cuft tanks).

ISOBUS Rate Controller

  • Specifically developed to operate 2208 systems with full functionality.
  • Compatible with most of the industries displays – Contact Montag representative for more information.


  • The 2208 comes “Scale Ready” for either a digital or ISOBUS solution.
  • The Standard version can have up to 1 scale, while the Deluxe version can have up to 2 scales.


  • Mechanical version available on both Standard 2208 and Deluxe 2208.
  • Hydraulic Slidegate available on Deluxe 2208 only.

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