GEN II Fertilizer System - 2108

The 2108 is the latest product offering in the GEN II family. Like the larger 2218 and 2208 the 2108 is a very feature rich metering system, but with a single tank. It is capable of being used for cover crop or fertilizer application.
Available in either 30 or 50 cubic foot tank capacity the metering system can apply up to 500 lbs. to the acre at 5 mph. while being gentle enough to safely meter cover crop seed.


  • High quality injection molded HDPE plastic augers
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Trough and Poly Tank Construction
  • Single Hydraulic Input requirement
  • PWM Block with fan protection
  • Sealed Tank
  • Tank Ladder Access
  • Improved Montag Fluid Bed – 2108 Air Delivery System
  • Components are corrosion resistant
  • Up to 4 section configurations
  • Configurable Rows
  • Functional yet streamlined design
  • Screens are integrated into the tank to remove large materials
  • Outlets can be turned to blow either forward or backwards
  • Crary Fan
  • Dwyer Air Gauge
  • Mechanical slide gate control
  • 3-year Warranty


Configurable Rows

  • Rows can be added and subtracted to fit your farming operation’s needs.

Up to 4 section configurations

  • Sections can be added to the 2208 system at any time – giving you added flexibility.
  • Sections are controlled with hydraulic motors and PWM valves for infield reliability.

Tank Colors

  • Tank colors available in Gray, Yellow and White.

Tank Size

The 2208 comes with two optional sizes:

  • 60 cubic feet (2- 30 cuft tanks)
  • 100 cubic feet (2- 50 cuft tanks).

ISOBUS Rate Controller

  • Specifically developed to operate 2208 systems with full functionality.
  • Compatible with most of the industries displays – Contact Montag representative for more information.


  • The 2208 comes “Scale Ready” for either a digital or ISOBUS solution.
  • The Standard version can have up to 1 scale, while the Deluxe version can have up to 2 scales.


  • Mechanical version available on both Standard 2208 and Deluxe 2208.
  • Hydraulic Slidegate available on Deluxe 2208 only.

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