Yield Monitoring

From the inventors of the on-the-go yield monitor

Ag Leader yield monitoring technology started the data revolution with the first on-the-go yield monitor in 1992. Today, trustworthy yield data is crucial for making decisions in the moment when they matter most. Don’t trust just anyone – trust the yield monitoring experts at Ag Leader.

Yield Data You Can Trust

Ag Leader’s yield monitoring is the time-tested gold standard benchmark. It’s been trusted across the world on thousands of machines since 1992. Today it is installed on many makes and models at the factory and our aftermarket yield monitoring kits install on most combines made in the last 35 years.

How A Yield Monitor Works

Grain is fed into the harvester’s elevator where the sensor reads the moisture content.

As the grain is delivered to the holding tank, the mass flow sensor monitors yield

Information on both yield and moisture from the sensors is recorded by the Ag Leader display mounted in the cab.

Our system uses your combine’s original elevator chain, and in many cases, the existing flow sensor, moisture sensor and elevator mount unit.