Yield Monitoring

The Best Just Got Better

We recognize time is of the essence when there’s crop to be harvested. With InCommand’s NEW simplified calibration process, you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for the sake of time! Ag Leader studied grain flow dynamics and characteristics on thousands of calibration loads in order to maintain accuracy but decrease calibration effort required. InCommand’s new enhanced calibration algorithm makes it quicker and easier for you to get great yield data.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of your yield data – get InCommand of your operation!

Youngblut AG Multi Year AVG Updated

How A Yield Monitor Works

Grain is fed into the harvester’s elevator where the sensor reads the moisture content.

As the grain is delivered to the holding tank, the mass flow sensor monitors yield.

Information on both yield and moisture from the sensors is recorded by the Ag Leader display mounted in the cab.

Youngblut AG Combine Side

AutoSwath for Harvest

Harvest data is recorded based on the number of rows being harvested, providing accurate data when harvesting point rows or partial swaths.

Youngblut AG Monitor

Yield and Moisture Mapping

View yield and moisture maps in real-time for instant feedback on yield performance across the field.

Youngblut AG Harvest Summary

Summary Screen

Harvest summary screen provides at-a-glance information about number of acres harvested, total and average bushels harvested and more.