When it comes to steering,
Be InCommand

Controlled by Ag Leader’s year-round InCommand displays, take control of steering, planting, application harvest and more all through one interface.

Pairs with Ag Leader GPS 6500 and 7500 receivers and correction source options to match accuracy needed for any operation from WAAS to RTK.

Compatible with virtually any brand of equipment capable of being operated with an automated steering system.


  • One powerful interface does it all – combine steering with planting, application, harvest controls and more.
  • Up to sub-inch (<2.5cm) repeatable accuracy correction keeping your vehicle on the guidance line.
  • Nine-axis terrain compensation provides line holding performance, including in rolling ground, waterways, ditches and terraces.
  • Advanced guidance pattern options and guidance line management across your operation.

Guidance Patterns

Ag Leader displays feature several guidance path options, including an Access Paths pattern where users can specify a repeating space or break between guidance paths for any field obstruction.

Split Screen

InCommand 1200’s split screen feature allows you to see two maps at once! Change perspective, map attributes and add satellite imagery to your preference.

Callibration Setup

The auto-calibration menu allows you to easily calibrate the steering controller for your vehicle, giving you precise performance. The simple wizard walks you through the brief steps necessary for optimal steering performance.

Run Screen

The run screen allows you to toggle between numerous mapping and control options. This is also where you will set your target rate, load a prescription or other implement commands.