Right coverage across the entire field

Consistency is a priority, speed is a bonus.

  • Industry-leading Visibility
  • Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control
  • Wide Speed Range
  • Droplet Size
  • Turn Compensation


  • Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control Instant nozzle by nozzle swath control. Up to 144 nozzles supported.
  • Consistent Coverage Across Any Terrain Flow rate and pressure are controlled independently, allowing for a consistent rate across a variety of conditions.
  • Increased Productivity and Speed Speed up or slow down, accurate at a wider range of speed.
  • Industry Leading Visibility Visibility in and out of the cab and year-round control with InCommand.


Reduces overapplication and product waste by automatically turning the applicator on/off based on field boundaries and already-applied areas as it passes over the field. Control up to 144 individual nozzles for finite control over where you are applying product.

Visibility In Cab and Out

InCommand gives you instant visibility in the cab to your sprayer’s performance. Access your maps and field information anytime, anywhere when everything is automatically synced to all your devices through AgFiniti.​​

Easy Reporting

Automatically generate SmartReports that provide location, product information, applied totals, as-applied maps and more right from the display.​


Monitor the status of every nozzle valve across the boom with a single display. If there’s a problem that could affect system performance, InCommand will alert the operator to take action.

Monitor Droplet Size On-Screen

Ensure products are applied appropriately. Droplet size is indicated on screen so operators can dial in the ideal pressure setting for their spray job.

Boom Pressure Map

Enhance your record keeping and visibility with boom pressure and droplet size data that is logged and mapped automatically.