What is Data Management?

Display_and_Adaptor2.pngData Management is taking all of the information that is recorded in the field and making it useful. It's not just pretty looking maps that someone printed out for you. Data Management is taking the data that is on your monitor's card and creating a map that shows a pattern. It's generating a report that clearly shows which corn hybrid performed better than the other. It's creating a variable rate planting or fertilizer prescription to put the right amount of product on the right acre to maximize your profit. The list is endless and we are ready to help you sift through the large amounts of data to provide you with the information you need to maximize the profit on every acre of your farm!

Why is Data Important?


 Data is one of the most important parts of precision agriculture. The data recorded can tell us everything that happened during each operation in the field as well as some things that happened when we weren't out there.

Some Things Data Management Helps Us See:

  • Everything from a missed spot on a fertilizer application from years ago
  • Slippage on a planter drive wheel
  • Where we need to put in field tile to which hybrid performed poorly to sprayer damage verification

The list of reasons why data is important is as long as you allow it to be. Just remember that we are here to help you with that list and show you what you can do to correct any issues that you may be seeing in your field.

The Youngblut Ag Data Advantage

We strive to help you get the most out of your maps and your data. With our advanced knowledge of mapping programs and data from many different manufacturers we are able to create quality results from most any data out there. We also have the farming background needed to know what things to look for in your data and what to do to fix any issues we find. We will take the time to sit down with you and work through the results and help you understand what these results mean. This way you can make the right management decisions with someone who is unbiased toward a specific seed or chemical brand.

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